WinExt Pro 9 For PC

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WinExt Pro 9 For PC

Keep your files and folders organized!

WinExt is an app capable of locating and removing duplicate files to free up space, identifying large resources to help you figure out what's taking up so much space, monitoring directories for file operations, and more.

You can:

  • Find duplicate files;
  • Quickly find the larger resources;
  • See more information of recently accessed resources;
  • Monitor Windows activity;
  • Make batch operations on multiple resources;
  • Automatically or manually synchronize resources.

System Requirements:

Windows XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 (x32/x64)


TriSun Software Limited

File Size:

6.39 MB

Licence details:

1 year license with free updates


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