Photomatix Essentials 4 For PC & Mac

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Photomatix Essentials 4 For PC & Mac

Have you ever photographed a high contrast scene? If so, you know that even the best exposure gives you blown out highlights, flat shadows, or both. The solution is High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing:

  • Take multiple photographs at varying exposure levels (brackets)
  • Merge the photos into an HDR image
  • Choose a style, from natural to painterly or surreal, and adjust settings to get the look you want

Photomatix Essentials 4 Key Features:

  •  Merge of upto 5 bracketed photos
  • HDR Tone Mapping with Details Enhancer
  • HDR Tone Mapping with Contrast Optimizer
  • Exposure Fusion with Fusion/Natural
  • Finishing Touch (sharpening, contrast)
  • Undo Tone Mapping / Fusion
  • Automatic alignment of hand-held photos
  • Automatic ghost removal
  • Thumbnails of built-in presets
  • Saving and loading of user presets
  • Automatic noise reduction

New in version 4

  • New Tone Mapping method designed to give realistic looking results while preserving details in highlight and shadow. It is called Contrast Optimizer and adds the ‘Balanced’ and ‘Vibrant’ Presets.
  • Finishing Touch step to add Contrast or Sharpening before saving.
  • Back button to return to the Adjust & Preview step and apply other settings.
  • Preview checkbox in the Adjust & Preview step to toggle between the original and the image with settings applied.
  • Option in Preferences to refresh the Preview continuously as slider moves (not available in Win 32-bit version).

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