Laplink PCmover Business 2020 For PC

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Moves your Applications, Files and Settings from an Old PC to a New PC

PCmover is the only software recommended by Microsoft for all your migration needs. Businesses in need of a better solution to automatically deploy new PCs, upgrade existing PCs, or replace them via routine maintenance and break/fix scenarios, should use PCmover Business.

Features of PCmover Business 2020:

  • • Reduces deployment time for PC migrations by up to 4 hours per PC.
  • • Ensures all user profiles, settings, and data are transferred without error.
  • • Automatically reinstalls applications and custom-built programs, without having to manually configure each one.
  • • Post-migration support tickets are reduced because everything on the PC is where the user expects it to be.
  • • Advanced deployment features include running PCmover from a memory stick, attached drive, or a server share.
  • • Flexible licensing options to purchase what you need, when you need it.


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