Mastering Python: Machine Learning, Data Structures, Django, Object Oriented Programming and Software Engineering (Including Programming Interview Questions) PDF eBook

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Unlike some guides that give you just the basics that you need to get started, this book teaches you everything you need to know about using Python, including what you can use it for.

Python is a diverse language and is the foundation of much of what we use in the world today. The reader will be happy to know that this programming language is relatively easy to learn. The book is divided into five sections to make the journey easy for the student:

✅ Part 1 – Data Structures and Algorithms

✅ Part 2 – Machine Learning

✅ Part 3 – Django

✅ Part 4 – ArcGIS Programming

✅ Part 5 – Software Development and Testing

Table of Contents


The Zen of Python

Setting Up Your Environment

Chapter 1: An Overview of Data Structures and Algorithms

Chapter 2: Python Variables and Expressions

Chapter 3: Overview of Data Types And Objects

Chapter 4: Classes - Object Programming

Chapter 5: Python Structures and Data Types

Chapter 6: The Principles of Algorithm Design

Chapter 7: Lists and Pointer Structures

Chapter 8: Stacks

Chapter 9: Queues

Chapter 10: Trees

Chapter 11: Graphs and Other Algorithms

Chapter 12: Sorting Algorithms

Chapter 13: Algorithm Design and Classification

Chapter 14: Machine Learning with Python

Chapter 15: The Concepts of Machine Learning

Chapter 16: Python and Django

Chapter 17: Python and ArcGIS Development

Chapter 18: Software Development and Testing

Chapter 19: Python Interview Questions

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