Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2016 Hands-on Lab Manual Guide: Step By Step Lab Guide PDF eBook

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This book contains the virtual lab setup guide and the lab exercises for installing and configuring Windows Server 2016. You can create the virtual lab infrastructure on your own system and you can easily perform all the lab exercises mentioned in this book. Candidate having the basic knowledge of Windows operating systems and networking fundamentals can perform all the lab exercises without (or least) the need of a trainer or faculty. This book mainly covers the initial implementation and configuration of core services, such as AD DS, networking services.
This book contains the following step by step lab exercises:

What’s New in Windows Server 2016?
What’s new in Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V?
What’s new in DNS in Windows Server 2016?
Working with Windows Server 2016 Desktop Experience
Setup Your Virtual Lab
Preparing Virtual Lab Setup
Task 1: Installing VMware Workstation on the Host Machine
Task 2: Installing and Configuring the DC1 Virtual Machine
Task 3: Configuring the DC1 Virtual Machine
Task 4: Promoting the DC1 Virtual Machine as a Domain Controller
Task 5: Installing and Configuring the SERVER1 Virtual Machine
Task 6: Installing and Configuring the CLIENT1 Virtual Machine
Task 7: Installing and Configuring the ROUTER Virtual Machine
Task 8: Creating and Configuring the SERVER2 Virtual Machine
Task 9: Creating Snapshots of Virtual Machines
Exercise 1: Installing and Configuring Windows Server Core Machine
Exercise 2: Managing Servers Remotely
Exercise 3: Using Windows PowerShell to Manage Servers
Exercise 4: Installing and Configuring Domain Controllers
Exercise 5: Installing and Configuring Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC)
Exercise 6: Installing a Domain Controller by Using IFM
Exercise 7: Managing Organizational Units and Groups in AD DS
Exercise 8: Using Windows PowerShell to Create User Accounts and Groups
Exercise 9: Installing and Configuring the DHCP Server Role
Exercise 10: Configuring IPAM with DHCP
Exercise 11: Installing and Configuring DNS
Exercise 12: Installing and Configuring Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
Exercise 13: Implementing LAN Routing
Exercise 14: Configuring IPv6 Addressing
Exercise 15: Installing and Configuring Remote Access VPN Server
Exercise 16: Installing and Configuring Disk Storage
Exercise 17: Configuring a Redundant Storage Space
Exercise 18: Implementing File Sharing
Exercise 19: Implementing Shadow Copies
Exercise 20: Implementing Network Printing
Exercise 21: Implementing Group Policy Objects
Exercise 22: Implementing AppLocker and Firewall Using Group Policy
Exercise 23: Installing and Configuring Network Load Balancing

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