Hockey Manager For Android

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Hockey Manager For Android

Hockey Manager is a must-have tool for innovative and successful coaches, managers and scouts. Aided by this app strengths and weaknesses not only of your own team but also of opposing teams can be analyzed. This competitive advantage might decide whether your team makes the play-offs or is eliminated. Unanswered questions like “How many shots does a player need to score a goal?” or “How does an opposing player shoot penalties?” is a thing of the past. The following analysis can be executed:

• Shot stats
• Scoring stats
• Assist stats
• Plus / Minus stats
• Penalties
• Notes about specific players

Each stat can be filtered by season, league or individual players. Stats can be analyzed during games and be used as a foundation of your next speech inside the locker room. Other than that analysis can be exported and shared by email or social media.
Another feature that comes with this app is the management of lineups. Either your own team but also the opposing team can be tracked.

Furthermore this app offers a digital drawing board, which can be used for tactical meetings or to create drills. Created drawings can easily be saved as images and be posted at the locker room. It comes with common symbols, like pylons, pucks or attacking/defending team. In addition to that finger drawn lines can be visualized as different types, such as passing or skating forward with puck.

Lineups, stats or practice drawings can be exported and shared by email or social media. In addition to that, these images can be saved and therefore coaches can make them available to players in a printed or digital version inside the locker room.

By using this app long bus rides can be used for an efficient preparation and post-processing of games.

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