Cybersecurity Fundamentals: Risks, Procedures, and Integration PDF e-Book

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Cybersecurity Fundamentals: Risks, Procedures, and Integration PDF e-Book

The core of the Internet is getting weaker as we connect ever more of our lives - phones, tablets, cars, refrigerators - to it. Meanwhile, the attacks are getting stronger.

Cybercrime is a global pandemic. Cybersecurity is mainstream today because we’ve seen the repercussions personally, professionally and financially from not keeping our corporate and customer data secure. Security isn’t an IT issue; it’s a board-level issue for organizations globally. To speak more broadly, it’s a global citizen issue. Although this topic has exploded over the last couple of years, there’s still a lack of awareness regarding many of the cybersecurity opportunities. 

This guide includes multiple perspectives, including:

  • Cybersecurity in the modern age
  • Anatomy of a cybercrime
  • How to work around the inherent flaw of cybersecurity
  • 5 ways to protect your business
  • Robert Herjavec’s advice for navigating cyberattacks
  • The next phase of cybercrime

Stay ahead of the curve and proactively defend yourself and your organization from the latest cyberattacks. 

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