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101 Labs - IP Subnetting

Subnetting is one of the toughest subjects for IT students and engineers to understand. You have to master binary math, hexadecimal numbering systems and address classes. You must determine which IP address is in which subnet and which subnet mask will provide you with the requisite number of subnet and hosts-per-subnet. You will often have to do this during a crisis on a live network with your boss, customers and other engineers watching you!

Subnetting questions form around 9% of your score in exams such as CompTIA Network+ and the Cisco CCNA. If you work in IT, you will be expected to understand how to subnet and troubleshoot subnetting problems. You will also be expected to be able to allocate IP addressing schemes to various departments in your organization. For job interviews you can expect to be grilled on subnetting problems by senior engineers.

101 Labs - IP Subnetting shows you how to answer any subnetting or network design problem using a simple Cheat Chart. All you need to do is tick the boxes and you get the answer, usually in under 60 seconds. We show you how to subnet IPv6 networks, work out wildcard masks for your firewalls, NAT, routing and access lists. We also show you how to summarize routes for your routing advertisements.

All answers and working out are provided. You finish by drilling 33 exam style questions so by the end of the course, you will be the go-to subnetting expert at work.

Please use the free resources at www.101labs.net/resources which will help you with the labs.

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